Platform Features and Functionality

AdGlobal™ redefines the standard for campaign delivery and management. This sophisticated platform is flexible, efficient, reliable and highly effective at placing ads in front of their most responsive audiences. AdGlobal™ combines real-time ad delivery and tracking with dynamic auto-optimization capabilities enabling marketers to achieve performance objectives more rapidly and cost-effectively than ever before. Proving accountability for media spending has never been easier.

Reliable and Efficient Platform
AdGlobal™ is the world's fastest and most reliable ad delivery system. The platform is supported by thousands of servers spread across data-centers throughout the world to form a highly distributed architecture that optimizes reliability and serving speed. AdGlobal's scalable design and advanced load-balancing capabilities enable it to accommodate ad delivery of virtually any volume.

Second-by-Second Campaign Performance Tracking
AdGlobal™ revolutionary design enables up-to-the second tracking of campaign performance metrics including impressions, clicks and actions. The data is captured from multiple angles and at multiple depths (e.g. by creative, by channel/site, etc.) enabling highly sophisticated optimization. As it is captured, performance data is fed in real-time to the AdGlobal™ suite where it is translated into easy-to-use intelligence reports and where it is used to perform goal-based optimization.

Performance Reporting and Optimization
AdGlobal™ integrates seamlessly with the a breakthrough reporting and optimization suite, creating the industry's most sophisticated tool for campaign analysis and response.

AdGlobal works to report second-by-second campaign performance through a series of rich and detailed analytics. Information is displayed in the form of panoramic reports that enable users to understand campaign performance from virtually any angle and to any depth.

Support for All Standard Ad Units and Rich Media Formats
The AdGlobal™ platform can handle all aspects of delivering, managing and reporting on rich media advertising and currently supports the web's most effective and high-impact ad units - leaderboards, skyscrapers, medium rectangles and pop-unders. The system's flexibility enables rapid roll-out of additional units as required to meet industry demand.

Centralized Campaign Management
AdGlobal™ supports the management of multiple campaigns and consolidates all aspects of the online advertising process: media selection/placement, audience targeting, creative hosting/serving, tracking, reporting and optimization.

Precision Audience Targeting
AdGlobal™ contains sophisticated user targeting capabilities. It supports everything from global geographic and content targeting to day-part and operating system targeting:

    • Global Geographic Location
      AdGlobal™ geographic targeting capabilities enable advertisers to target their campaigns to an audience in any combination of :
      • Country (more than 200 countries worldwide to choose from);
      • State, province, region, city;
      • Zip, area, and postal code in the U.S. and Canada.
      • DMA (Direct Marketing Area) in the U.S.
    • Content Interest/Site Subject
      Campaigns can be targeted to specific audience interest groups by selecting from any combination of Casale's 16 primary MediaNet™ channels.
    • Time of Day and Day of Week Targeting
      To reach distinct lifestyle segments, advertisers can target their campaigns based on time of day or day of week, e.g. target the "at-work" audience with a campaign that runs 9AM - 5PM, Monday - Friday.
    • Language Targeting
      Target your campaigns to different language segments. Especially useful for localizing campaigns with creative in multiple language iterations, e.g. English-speaking only.
    • Bandwidth
      Match the type of ad placed with the speed of your audience's Internet connection. For example, target rich media ads to only those users with a broadband connection. Or, target business users by delivering ads to users with a corporate connection. Target advertisements to users with any one or combination of the following connection speeds:
      • Broadband (e.g. DSL/Cable)
      • Corporate (e.g. LAN connection)
      • Dial-Up
    • Operating System
      For advertisers promoting a software product, a user's operating system can be an important targeting variable. In some cases, the psychographic profile of users with different operating systems varies, creating opportunities to reach a more qualified audience.Target advertisements to users with any one or combination of the following operating systems:
      • Linux/Unix
      • Macintosh
      • Windows 2000, 95, 98, ME, NT, XP, Vista
      • WebTV
    • Web Browser
      This is an important filter for technology vendors whose products are web-browser specific. In some cases, the psychographic profile of users with different browsers varies, creating opportunities to reach a more qualified audience. Target advertisements to users with any one or combination of the following web browsers:
      • America Online 3, 4
      • Internet Explorer 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
      • Mozilla 5
      • Netscape 2, 4, 7
      • Opera 5, 6
      • Web TV
      • Firefox
    • User Agent

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