Business Benefits

The AdGlobal™ platform satisfies the end-to-end requirements of all industry constituents: advertisers, agencies and publishers. Read below for a summary of benefits that relate specifically to Advertisers and Agencies.

AdGlobal™ for Advertisers
By simplifying the online advertising workflow, businesses benefit from improved control over the performance of their campaigns, while at the same time reducing costs through more efficient processes and consolidated media buying. AdGlobal™ operates in a real-time environment and supports all elements of the campaign life cycle:

  • Ad delivery
  • Creative hosting and management
  • Audience targeting and ad placement
  • Campaign management
  • Performance tracking
  • Performance reporting
  • Optimization

Simplified Campaign Testing: Because the campaign creation and execution process is so efficient, advertisers can easily launch, monitor and evaluate the results of a test campaign within the span of a few hours.

Immediate Performance Feedback: The platform's real-time operating model makes it possible to view campaign performance reports immediately after launching, helping you to make better marketing decisions, faster. No need to wait hours or even days before the results of your campaign are available.

Rapid Campaign Deployment: AdGlobal™ streamlines the entire online advertising process making it possible to launch a campaign in a matter of minutes.

Broad Audience Reach: AdGlobal™ enables advertisers to reach their target audiences on a massive scale across thousands of premium sites all through a single buy.

Streamlined Campaign Management: With AdGlobal™, the entire process of advertising online is streamlined through a single system. Advertisers can deploy and manage multiple campaigns and multiple creative across a variety of different sites quickly and easily.

Real-Time Campaign Control: Because the system operates in a real-time environment, changes to campaign parameters can be made instantly.

AdGlobal™ for Agencies
With AdGlobal™, agencies can masterfully plan, execute, analyze and optimize their clients' online advertising programs from a single, easy-to-use, web-based interface. Agencies enjoy all the advertiser benefits listed above, as well as the following unique to their role:

Save Time and Effort: Web-based media planning, buying, and campaign management tools help automate many time-consuming, repetitive tasks (i.e. Insertion Orders, RFPs).

Low Risk, Cost-Efficient, Easy Deployment: AdGlobal™ can be deployed as an entirely hosted, web-based solution for Agencies. This eliminates the cost and risk involved in purchasing expensive ad-serving products, hiring and training staff, and conducting distributed media buys from individual publishers.

Intuitive User Interface: Simple and intuitive creative and site assignment - easily upload creative and target these creative to different site and audience combinations.

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